Marijo Bos

Managing Director
Bos Advisors Change Leadership

Marijo is a builder and facilitator of participant centred insights programmes for 10 person multicultural teams up to groups as large as 200 as well as a guest speaker and advisor to executives and organisations open to transformational learning. She brings 20 years of experience in executive talent management with international service firms, Russell Reynolds, Oliver Wyman, Mercer and eCompanies where she’s held global client management roles, served as a coach and mentor. She has partnered with executives across the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and her clients include Merck, Nike, Novartis, Time Warmer, UBS, Mercer, EY, Cemex, BTT, BCG, Rolls Royce PLC, Allianz, Anglo American, UAE Government, MAFT Dubai, Nigerian WIMBIZ, Santander, Duke CE, NTT Japan, NLI Shipping and Business Schools in Spain, Croatia and France.

In parallel to Bos Advisors, Marijo led a diversity and inclusion network, advancing gender balanced leadership across the pipeline in global organisations. As President of PWN Global, she led a board of 10 and motivated 24 city network volunteer leaders to deliver local mentoring programmes and skill building events - more than 600 across cities. She serves leaders, teams and organisations as they infuse their cultures with mindful communication, positive intelligence - PQ and enabling business practices. Her purpose driven programmes promote a head, heart and gut based approach to collaborating, networking, problem solving, motivating, communicating and aligning in a complex, ever-changing global business setting.