Rani Bhatia-Durand

Coach, Lecturer & Consultant
Alethéia Learning & Leadership Development

Rani is an INSEAD MBA and CCC (Coaching and Consulting for Change) Alumni and a mindful practitioner who has 15 years of global business experience in business development, marketing, strategy, and management consulting.

She was the director of open enrollment programs for INSEAD in 2003, and directed the management side of CCGVeritas’ corporate university in 2010.

She has been in the Learning and Development space for 12 years, facilitating programs and workshops, designing and developing learning solutions for clients through her coaching and learning solutions consultancy firm.  She has also coached and taught at well known business school and corporate universities in the areas of strategy, marketing, change management, multicultural management, emotional intelligence and leadership.

She is a certified executive coach, team and group coach. She has worked with most industries. Her most current learning assignment was for Sanofi Global Learning Director where she worked closely with business critical academies such as Launch Excellence, Market Access, Marketing, Biotech, and Medical affairs. 


Leading with Relational Intelligence

18-Jan-2017 15:30 - 17:30