The Talent to Innovate Vs. the Talent to Process

17-Jan-2018 9:40 - 10:10

As fast-moving technologies and quickly changing demands emerge as potential challenges to today’s businesses, dynamic hiring practices and quickly-evolving talent emerge as potential solutions. The importance to create and think out-of-the-box is imperative to continue learning and progressing.


Koenraad Goris
People and Organisation Director, PwC
–öoenraad is a certified psychologist with experience in organisational contexts around the world, specialised in assessment and development of senior management. He has more than 20 years of experience in global account management and he has..
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Grace Abella-Zata
CEO, IRC Institute
Grace Abella-Zata is CEO of the IRC Institute, a global community of leading executives, advisers, academics, and members of one of the world’s top five executive search networks, IRC Global Executive Search Partners.  In this capacity,..
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Christophe Coutat
Founder & Managing Director, Advent Group
Founder of Advent Group, an independent international media group specialised in the field of graduate business education, Christophe Coutat has been a constant source of innovative ideas to business schools around the globe. Based on his prior..
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