MERIT gives you the chance to learn by participating in a variety of mind-engaging sessions focused on different aspects leading to the creation of a learning organisation.

Debates, case studies, company challenges, and MERITalks are offered simultaneously on both Leadership and People Development conference streams.

PROGRAMME: Co-creating Learning Organisations

CASE STUDIES – Be exposed to real-life scenarios of success stories and lessons learned, presented by key players from different industries and by our business school partners.

COMPANY CHALLENGES – Expect to have your innovation and creativity activated when participating in stimulating company challenges that have been carefully selected by our MERIT community industry experts to create awareness and accelerate your learning curve.

DEBATES – Be part of high-powered 40-minute debates, geared to encourage learning by appreciating different points of view and angles, in sessions led by experienced moderators. 

MERITalks – Inspiring 15-minute talks on the Summit’s main theme by business school professors, executive education designers, and subject matter experts.

WORKSHOPS/MASTERCLASSES – Focused workshops on subjects that you want to learn more about and masterclasses that dive deeper into topics about which you already have comprehensive knowledge.  All 90-minute sessions are delivered by leading experts and/or  researchers.

WORLD CAFÉ – Dynamic brainstorming activity for knowledge-sharing, with participants switching tables, enabling them to learn, explore, and create together.

STARTUP VILLAGE – Meet start-up companies in executive education and HR technologies. Get to know their innovative projects and understand how they can help you reflect and assist you in your current role.

PD - People Development Stream
LS - Leadership Stream
* Programme to be confirmed