The theme of the conference, Always-On Learning, reflects participants’ shared goal of creating long-lasting and sustainable learning strategies within the corporate education field. The MERIT agenda features 6 panel discussions, 8 MERITalks, 7 company case studies, 7 business school case studies, and 8 masterclasses and workshops over a 2.5 day period – a total of 36 innovative sessions packed into 32 waking hours!

PROGRAMME: Always-On Learning

Developed in collaboration with a select group of learning experts from academia and the corporate world, the MERIT 2018 programme offers 32 hours of learning, brainstorming and benchmarking. The exhibition enables corporate HR executives to connect with business school directors and L&D providers at their leisure.

  • Panel Discussions - moderated 30-minute conversations with leading L&D and Talent Management professionals on specific themes
  • MERITalks - inspirational 10-minute TED-style talks by academic thought leaders and business school alumni
  • Company Case Studies - presentations of innovative L&D projects, with awards for the best-rated presentations (15 minutes)
  • Business School Case Studies - presentations of successful collaborative projects between business schools and companies (20 minutes)
  • Master Classes & Workshops - following the Panel Discussions, speakers give a detailed analysis and/or lesson about a specific topic in 100-minute sessions
L&D - Learning and Development Stream
TM - Talent Management Stream

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