Andre de Wit

Vice President Learning and Capability building

Andre de Wit is a motivational and experienced speaker, regarded for the combination of global successful operational leadership experience and strategic Human Resource experience in leading international companies.

Andre currently serves as Vice President Learning and Capability Building for the Carlsberg-group, an internationally beer-brewing company with 45 000 employees and factories in 40 countries mainly in North-, Western- & Eastern Europe and Asia. Carlsberg, which has his home base in Copenhagen, Denmark, is currently the 3rd biggest beer-brewing company in the world.

The topics Andre speaks about in conferences are the relationship between changing the world (10 to 20 years perspective) and the demands this will have on future leadership. He will share within his area of expertise the ways these future demands on leadership can be included in a leadership development strategy. The latest practical example is the “Learning Leaders Program” that he developed and implemented for the Carlsberg-group.