Case study presentations

Developing Effective Strategic Partnerships: BAE Systems and Manchester Airport Group Case Study

18-Jan-2017 14:20 - 14:40

Global companies are increasingly interested in building strong strategic partnerships. To be effective, such partnerships must be optimised to provide the competitive edge that is necessary in modern business environments. They have become "integral" to state and business affairs. Commonly available statistics suggest that, on average, 10,000 alliances are formed each year worldwide. Entire public services and industries now depend on partnerships to operate effectively; to improve performance; to accelerate growth and innovation; and to reduce risks and costs. Strategic co-operation is the vital ingredient in achieving this kind of success. However, strategic partnering can be a ‘hit or miss’ process these days that fails far more times than it succeeds. Alliance Manchester Business School works with a number of organisations through our Strategic Talent Partnership framework. This unique approach helps organisations to be more competitive through developing mutually beneficial partnerships. This session reviews the approach to building fully productive, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. You will see how the likes of BT, BAE Systems and Manchester Airport Group have all benefited from taking the Strategic Talent Partnerships approach.