Interactive workshops / Business Education Stream

Workshop 3: The Business Presentation Revolution:Inspire, motivate and sell with a powerful new way of presenting inspired by TED and Apple, taught at HEC Paris and practised by leading companies across the world

17-Jan-2017 13:30 - 17:30

Most presentations fail. As audience members, we know what we hate to see and hear, yet as presenters we end up making the same mistakes. Like any business, a business school needs to sell itself, attract candidates and create desire, but the typical boring death-by-PowerPoint presentation just doesn’t work with a younger generation brought up on TED and YouTube. In this interactive workshop, you will learn why most presentations fail; how we need to revolutionise the way we approach, prepare and deliver our presentations; and how the arts of storytelling, visual design and powerful speaking can help any presenter to inspire, motivate and transform their audience. Whether you’re pitching your school on stage, hooking candidates at an event or convincing them over the phone, this workshop will help you motivate candidates, inspire them, and sell the value your school can offer them.